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Summer 2023 - an opportunity for students to take part in ongoing research

Join our Citizen Science dialect research team. Your Year 12 students fill out out dialect survey in class. Then your school research team collects more data. All teams join our interactive webinar to see the results. Register now. https://bit.ly/citizen-science-2023

Students contributing to new research on dialect variation: 

All materials below 

How to get involved

Start in the classroom

Survey still open (as at 28 Nov 2023) - email us at englishlanguagetoolkit@york.ac.uk if you'd like us to send you the survey link.

Share the word locally

See results in a webinar

  • Please don't let anyone fill out the survey who has already seen this 'results' video!!

Classroom materials (free to download and adapt):

Lead in task

Noticing non-standard dialect features (or not)


Data collection methods for topics in sociolinguistics 


For questions about the research, the classroom materials or the online event please contact:  englishlanguagetoolkit@york.ac.uk