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An AQA-oriented index 

This index is organised around the sections of the AQA A level specification. If you are looking for resources or inspiration connected to a particular part of the syllabus this is a good place to start. 

We link to the case studies that we think are most relevant, with some ideas of how they connect.

Thanks to Jill Lavender for preparing this index for us.

AQA Paper 1  The Individual and Society  

Section A  Textual Variations and Representations [Q1-3]

AQA Paper 1  The Individual and Society  

Section B  Children’s Language Development [Q4 /Q5]

AQA Paper 2 Language Diversity and Change 

Section A Diversity and Change [Q1/Q2] 

Section B Language Discourses [Q4]

AQA Non-Exam Assessment

Language Investigation 



Orderly offers

Q+A sequences

Children’s different paths in learning first words

Isolated words in infant-directed speech


Measuring attitudes


‘Be-like’ quotatives

Rogue /r/

English indefinite pronouns, e.g. anybody v anyone

Viking placenames

Onomatopoeia in infant-directed speech

The changing use of ‘never’

The language of the courtroom

Infant-directed speech in the UK and US

Accent bias in Britain 

Who made MLE?

Telephone therapy


Graphical accent online

Changing IDS

Semantic relations 

Inverted style