About this site

We want teachers and students to have access to research, then ‘try it at home’.  


Each case study 'walks you through' the findings of one research paper on English, and provides:

Video explainers show methods which could be used by students in a language investigation non-exam-assessment project, with links to sources of any publicly available language data for analysis.

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How to download

The materials are shared via Google Drive, but can be downloaded in a range of different formats, including editable .docx documents, and .pdf. 

You do not need to sign in or to have a Google account to download materials.

Open Access

Materials are shared under a Creative Commons CC-BY-NC-SA licence. 

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our own research as the starting point

All the research on this site was carried out by current or former staff and students of the Department of Language and Linguistic Science at the University of York. 

skills in the humanities and the social sciences

We also want to demonstrate that the more ‘technical’ types of linguistic investigation are within reach of all students.

Resources for teachers who want to provide students with practice of ‘hands-on’ language analysis.